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Barre workout & kitesurfing

Barre, the new yoga
Barre, the new yoga classes creates more flexibility for kitesurfing

Why Barre Class will make your kitesurf session better


By now you must have heard of the Barre class; the workout that promises to make you leaner longer without getting bulk.

Started from an injured ballerina in the 50’s & it has completely taken off in the last 10 years and become the latest fitness trend.

barre workout benefits

This workout is a full body muscle endurance experience. It is inspired in ballet, yoga & pilates, but somehow, feels like its very own thing.

barre workout at home

The hour session usually starts as any class, warm up, followed by an intense session on the barre, could include some ab workout on the mat, and finally, a well-earned stretch.

The idea behind it, is to activate the smallest muscles, using your own body weight, resistance and repeated simple isometric movements.

The best part about it? Absolutely anyone can do this class, there are no requirements to join.


 Since starting barre over a month ago, we have definitely noticed an improvement in our kite sessions.

As a kiter, you would definitely agree with some of the reasons we love this workout :

Increased flexibility, deep core strength, extended endurance & a better posture.

Not to mention that it is a low impact workout, making it good for the joints.

As you start your kite journey, you might feel some tension in the shoulders, the pressure on your legs from walking upwind on the beach, and general fatigue from using muscles that you normally don’t use with other sports.

As you progress, you will want to start adding jumps into your sessions, and that will require great agility & flexibility.

Therefore, what better than a workout that gets you strong, but keeps you stretched at the same time?

Those used to heavier weights, HIIT, crossfit, might think it’s not enough, but it’s just not true, it’s a killer workout, while adding elasticity.

Where a rewarding crossfit session might leave your muscles sore and torn, an intense barre class with have you pumped, toned & feeling stretched.

In our opinion, this is the perfect workout, whether as an add on to your fitness routine, or your new workout addiction.

Where to practice

barre workout near me

In Tarifa, we strongly recommend trying it out at BB studio, where the owner Pilar, a former dancer herself, has created the most inviting space.

Come alone, or with a group of friends, you won’t regret. All you will need is comfortable workout clothes, and energy!

If you are planning a fun weekend getaway, a bachelorette, why not try something unique?

Ask us about our barre-kite experience pakage