Easter Week  “Semana Santa”

With the arrival of Easter Week  “Semana Santa”, Tarifa officially opens up its season.
All the businesses, like restaurants, beach bars, shops, kitesurf schools and more come to life with the arrival of the warm weather and good times.

It is the perfect holiday destination with the right combination of kitesurf and yoga, an unforgettable culinary scene, an exciting nightlife, endless beaches, and much more.

While our school, Kite Progress Tarifa
remains open throughout the year for several classes of kite and surf, we offer packages and specials for this specific week.

Easter week is a great time to visit Tarifa and each year there are more people interested in the culture and history of this week in our little Andalusian town. 
The locals take this holiday to heart, and the 8 hermandades de passion dedicate months of preparation and excitement to host processions for their saints and virgins in the streets. 
The holidays begin on Sunday 
April 2nd until Sunday, April 9th. Here are the hours and itineraries for anyone interested 
interested in this culture 

For lovers of the beach, the wind, the sea, and the adrenaline, we offer
Kite surfing classes in different types: private, semi-private or in group and surf, for all ages. We adapt to all levels and to all personal needs.

Semana Santa we have various packages that include accommodations ,kite course, yoga and aperitivo drinks. Please contact us to find out all of our great offers. Come with your partner, friends, family or alone, and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.
Our aim is teaching you how to kite and surf with passion, dedication and to create an unforgettable experience.
We are ready, are you?
Don’t hesitate to book your Easter Week package with us today.
+34 744 62 35 21, +34
680 13 77 30, on our instagram @kitesurfingtarifa 
Un saludo surfero para todos.





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