We are a boutique school that are dedicated in converting people into kiteboarder.

Our goal is to get to know each of our students, figure out which approach works best for them, and watch them become just as passionate as we are about kite surfing.Keeping things intimate allows us the opportunity to teach the correct techniques based on your own skill set. Our expert instructors are certified international in IKO and FAV and are considered senior riders.

When you ride with us, not only will you become an independent rider, but also a confident rider, because we will give you a well rounded foundation. We are a couple, Peppe and Coco, and just recently added to our happy family, with baby Gabriel Tiago.Winters are spent in Cuba where we have a kite school and Yoga retreat center, and spring/summer in our favorite European spot, Tarifa.

Having a family business means we have have a family approach when it comes to our kite school Our clients quickly become our friends and being honest and fair is very important to us.

Sharing our passions with you is like inviting you into our home, we hope you enjoy the visit.

Instructor Kite and Surf


My name is Peppe, I grew up in Anzio, a small town on the south coast of Rome in Italy. I grew up on the water and feel best between the waves, with a nice blowing wind. I have been traveling & teaching for more than 10 years, both in Cuba and in Tarifa and my goal is always to provide all my students with the necessary knowledge to be able to perform this sport safely and in a pleasant way. My biggest pride is watching students become independent kitesurfers and I truly believe that with dedication anyone can learn to kite.

Instructor Kite and Surf


Jano Surfer by birth, from the North of Spain. ISA surf instructor, and IKO kitesurf instructor. I am great with children and love animals. I will show you the best places to surf or paddle surf. If you want to learn kitesurfing (wave kitesurfing) nobody better than me.

Instructor Kite and Surf


I am Felix, born and raised in Belgium. Fortunately, I spent a lot of time with my family on the Belgian coast. Because of this, I quickly fell in love with water sports. Sailing, Windsurfing and wave surfing and kitesurfing were my favorite things to do at just fifteen years old. Once I got a taste for kiting, I was sold. The passion for teaching started when I was sixteen when I taught at the summer camp school holidays on the Belgian coast. Four years ago I started teaching kitesurfing in different places around the world, including: Tarifa, Cape Verde, Fuerteventura, The Bahama and Zanzibar.

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