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Beaches of Tarifa


The beach of Valdevaqueros has very good wind conditions which makes it the most popular spot for kiteboarding. It also has very good services with toilets, showers, beach bars and parking near the beach. Valdevaqueros can be found at the end of Los Lances, north from Torre de la Peña. And like Los Lances the beach can be reached with the bus running between camping sites and Tarifa.

Los Lances

Playa de Los Lances is a long and white sandy beach with an average width of 120 meters. The beach is situated north from Tarifa until Torre de la Peña. It is a very popular kitesurfing spot with many services, such as beach bars, toilets, showers, camping site and possibility of parking. There is a bus running between Tarifa and the camping sites and it is possible to catch this bus when going to the beach as well.

Playa Chica

Playa Chica is the last beach of Mediterranean Sea. This small beach is meant for swimmers and sun bathing. During Poniente wind it is usually full of people since the wind doesn’t enter the beach same way as other beaches. In spite of its small size Playa Chica still has many services such as toilet, showers, restaurant and parking possibilities right next to it.

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