Hygiene measures & safety information for Kitesurfing with Kite Progress Tarifa

 Hello fellow kiteboarders.

This has been a difficult few months for everyone.  We hope you and your family are safe & healthy.

We are looking forward to a healthier and safer future, and are happy that we can get back onto the water. We hope you are ready to kitesurf.

Since the beginning of phase 2, the Ayuntamiento of Tarifa has given schools official authority to teach kitesurfing courses on the beaches of Tarifa.

We are happy to be open again but want to take the time to assure you that we take this very seriously and will impart courses in the most professional and safe manner.
Our main focus has been updating our operation to best serve kitesurfers, their families, and our staff while adhering to local, state, and WHO guidelines.

Our protection plan revolves around training staff to limit the spread of coronavirus, implementing disinfectant strategies, and practicing physical distancing.

Travelling to Tarifa:The government of Spain has declared that Europeans are allowed to travel to Spain as of June 25th 2020.

For more uptodate information please read:


Here is a detailed look at our protection plan:

Physical distancing:

Tarifa is the perfect spot for social distancing. With over 9km of  beach, there is lots of open space, assuring we can all practice safe distancing while learning. In the wáter, you should always maintain a safe distance, even before covid-19.

Teachers will use walkie talkie to communicate with students in the water and maintain safe distance on the sand.

Group sizes

We highly encourage private courses to help stop the spread of covid-19. Semi-private & group courses will only be allowed with family or friends.

GreetingsWe recommend handshakes and hugs to be replaced with smiles & shakas. 

Disinfectant strategies

If you have your own wetsuit we encourage you to use it. If you would like to purchase your own wetsuit we have a deal in place. We have teamed up with *** to provide each student with their own wetsuit at an unbeatable Price.

If you would like to use the school’s wetsuit, please rest assured that all wetsuits and rashguards will have a 1 minute soak in a 0.1% bleach bath

(recommended by the WHO as a high touch surface) before going through

cleaning with a disinfecting detergent and water

All equipment will be wiped down with a clinical grade disinfectant solution after each course.


All of our staff will use gloves when picking wetsuits & equipment for clients, and use hand sanitizer before beginning the course.


Other measures

Lessons must be booked online or over the phone

Payment must be made online before you arrive.

All students must fill out a covid form in addition to the regular waiver. forms will be filled out the day before your lesson online.

All of our staff will stay up to date with the latest news and measures to help stop the spread of the virus.


We are pleased to say that the Ayuntamiento of Tarifa is also taking serious measures to ensure a safe summer for visitors. All of the accommodations that we work with will also be upholding the same measures.

Your health and safety is of the upmost value to us.

We look forward to seeing you in Tarifa.