If you are travelling alone, looking to make friends, or coming with a group and looking for an affordable but comfortable place then the hostels or camp grounds of Tarifa could be perfect for you.
All the hostels we work with are designed with a kitesurfer's vacation in mind. All the amenities you could need, shared kitchen, washroom, terrace, wifi, storage space. There are several different kinds of rooms, varying from 4 up to 10 beds per room.
If you are looking to connect with nature and camp out under the stars, then Kampaoh might be perfect for you. Fully equipped tents all set up, with beds & amenities. Wake up right steps away from the beach and get your kiting on.
Let us know if you are looking to stay in a hostel or campground, and your Budget and we will be happy to help you book and create your kite lessons and hostel/camping package