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Equipment Rental


Renting material is a great convenience, especially for those who love to travel easy. It also great for those staying in accommodations with limited storage or cleaning space. We offer you this practical and convenient opportunity with our materials that are always in excellent condition. We have all sizes available and you can also change the size if during your rental time the wind change speed.
Renting is also a safety responsibility for yourself and others. If you are not an independent expert rider or if you do not know the spot in Tarifa, we recommend booking an hourly supervised rental with one of our instructors and then we will evaluate together the continuation of your navigation.

To be able to rent the kitesurf equipment we require the following skills:
*ride upwind even during low wind
*self board rescue & self rescue technique
*IKO or other official federation certification level 2I or above

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Equipement price

Equipement 1/2 DAY (4 HOURS) 1 DAY (8 HOURS) 3 DAYS 1 WEEK
TWIN TIP BOARD** € 20 € 30 30% OFF 40% OFF
KITE AND BAR € 40 € 50 30% OFF 40% OFF
KITE BAR AND BOARD € 60 € 80 30% OFF 40% OFF


Supervised rental is available for clients who can ride upwind but not 100% comfortable going alone in a new spot.
Supervision includes:
-Full Equipment
-Guidance & explanation of kite spot
-Assistance with equipment set up
-Assistance with kite launch and landing


  Able to ride upwind 

  IKO 2I certified

We are happy to assist you in becoming independent, however please keep in mind that a supervised rental is not the same as receiving a lesson. If the teacher feels you need a lesson it will be discussed with you.