To ensure quality and efficiency we follow a policy regarding lessons, bookings and payments. This policy helps us to make most of the windy days and therefore to get you up and riding before you know it.

1. Lessons are given in winds from 12 to 30 knots. The instructor is to decide if conditons are suitable.

2. Beginners must commit to a 3 hour lesson.

3. All students have to wear helmets during all times they are flying kites.

4. To confirm a booking a deposit of 50 euro must be made.

5. Payments for individual lessons are due before the session. Multiple bookings have to be fully paid before the second session.

6. Confirmed bookings that can‘t be attended have to be canceled at least one day before the arranged session. A 50% fee will be applied for classes canceled with less then 24 hrs notice (no wind, no charge).

7. Please arrive at the meeting point 10 min prior to the arranged time. We reserve the right consider the lesson as running, even if unattended.


To ensure quality and functionality of our equipment we follow a policy regarding usage and payments. This policy helps us to
keep equipment in good shape and available when it‘s needed. Please follow our guidelines. We reserve the right to terminate any
rental at any time.

1. We only rent equipment to experienced kitesurfers. We expect you to act responsible whilst using our gear. If you are not an
experienced kitesurfer, please ask for “Supervised Riding”.
2. Please do not leave equipment on the beach, you are responsible for missing gear in any case, you must pay full value.
3. Do not leave kites lying in the wind for more than 10 minutes. If you want to take a longer break, deflate the leading edge and
wrap up the kite. Do not self-launch the kites, ask for assistance.
4. Return the equipment after your session. (Close all valves before packing the kite)
5. You are not allowed to use the equipment to teach others. We only allow experienced kite surfers to rent equipment. Any person
using the equipment has to fill in a „Rental Registration“-form beforehand.
6. You will be charged for the repair of any damage to the equipment, plus a 15% of the equipment value.
7. Payments are due before the booked session. Hourly rentals are charged from time equipment is signed out, until it is signed back