3 Reasons to Choose Tarifa for Your kitesurf
By christine dahdouh

3 Reasons to Choose Tarifa for Your kitesurf Easter Holiday





Semana Santa Curso Kitesurf Tarifa
3 Reasons to Choose Tarifa for Your kitesurf . Aprender a hacer kitesurfing esta semana santa 2022 en Tarifa . 

 This awesome windy city in the South of Spain, is your ideal kite learning spring getaway destination. With over ten years of experience here, we are going to tell you why you won’t regret spending your easter holiday learning how to Kitesurf in Tarifa.

1. Great Wind Conditions

With over 300 days of wind, you can almost guarantee that you will get the right conditions to learn.
Because of this, In the last twenty years, Tarifa has been placed on the map as the perfect location to learn how to kite.
Mastering your skills during this week will get your ready for all the summer kiting ahead.
Our school, Kite Progress Tarifa, has courses for all levels with a personalized touch . Our professional team makes your kitesurf course to next level . Come spend your quality with us . 

2. Easter is the opening week of Kite Season in Tarifa

Although our kite school is open all year long, several restaurants & bars close up for a couple winter months.

As a result, Easter week marks the beginning of the kite season. People from all over the world start to flock in to soak up the Andalusia sunrays and learn to how kitesurf.

Travelling to Tarifa during this holiday, will guarantee joyful vibes all around as people are starting to get excited for summer.

3. Post Kitesurf Activities

Tarifa Semana Santa Kitesurfing
Destino de Semana Santa: Tarifa. Cursos de kitesurf para unas vacaciones inolvidables.

After a fun & exhilarating kitesurf course, there are endless great things to do in Tarifa.
Whether travelling with friends, partner or as a family, Spring in Tarifa offers the perfect location for a complete holiday. Enjoy kitesurf course and spend a beautifull holidays with your love ones .

Firstly, spend your time with friends between the mouthwatering culinary scene, unforgettable night life, outdoor patios & unique beach bars.

Secondly, take the kids to skate park, the boardwalk, 3 modern playgrounds, or spend the afternoon at the famous playa chica as the kids jump in the water.

Thirdly, there are different beaches to check out with live concerts, beautiful hikes, strolls through the old town and many other wonders that make people fall in love with this place, and soon you will also discover.

A new traveler research commissioned by Amadeus reveals that 77 percent of travelers want to travel in the next year, with Europe reigning as top destination.
Because of the pandemic, the last two years have really put a dent in travel plans.
That’s why, travelling now is not just about going somewhere, but about creating an unforgettable experience. A great way to do that is learn a new sport like kitesurfing, while discovering a new beautiful city.

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3 Reasons to Choose Tarifa for Your kitesurf

Your kitesurfing course includes:

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*Unforgettable experience

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So, pack your bags,
The windy city is waiting

Tarifa Semana Santa Kitesurfing
Destino semana santa, Tarifa, vacaciones de kitesurf
By christine dahdouh

Beaches of Tarifa


The beach of Valdevaqueros has very good wind conditions which makes it the most popular spot for kiteboarding. It also has very good services with toilets, showers, beach bars and parking near the beach. Valdevaqueros can be found at the end of Los Lances, north from Torre de la Peña. And like Los Lances the beach can be reached with the bus running between camping sites and Tarifa.

Los Lances

Playa de Los Lances is a long and white sandy beach with an average width of 120 meters. The beach is situated north from Tarifa until Torre de la Peña. It is a very popular kitesurfing spot with many services, such as beach bars, toilets, showers, camping site and possibility of parking. There is a bus running between Tarifa and the camping sites and it is possible to catch this bus when going to the beach as well.

Playa Chica

Playa Chica is the last beach of Mediterranean Sea. This small beach is meant for swimmers and sun bathing. During Poniente wind it is usually full of people since the wind doesn’t enter the beach same way as other beaches. In spite of its small size Playa Chica still has many services such as toilet, showers, restaurant and parking possibilities right next to it.

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